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We love e-cigarettes and want to share with you why we do.

Compared to real tobacco cigarettes they are healthier, cheaper, more delicious, more interesting and simply more convenient.

We should begin explaining ourselves to show you why we think this. If you are new to e-cigarettes and vaping then let’s start at the beginning and answer the first question.

What are e-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes were originally meant to be a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are used by at least 42 million smokers in America today and it is well known that the damage being caused by them is causing many to become fatally ill. In fact, the CDC reported that one in five people die from the effects of smoking!

Electronic cigarettes were created as a means of creating an inhalant that stopped people from smoking, by mixing nicotine with a liquid and producing a smoke-like vapor that didn’t burn tobacco and create those several thousand contaminants that host carcinogens. They started to be sold in 2004 in China and then in 2007 in America, since then the idea of e-cigarettes has caught on quickly. For details of their creation take a look at the History of e-Cigarettes which covers what happened since a patent was made in 1963.

Are e-Cigarettes Safe?

The jury is still out on e-cigarettes however, are they completely safe? No government department of any country has yet endorsed them to be safe. The testing of e-cigarettes continue and more regulation of the safety of them takes the first priority, ensuring manufacture of the liquids are standardized for example. We will report the progress here as it develops. Balancing this against the tobacco variety are more ideas of the Benefits of Using e-Cigarettes that detail a lot of the latest research made.

What is inside an e-Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette has changed very little in how it works over the past decade, but the technologies used in each part gets better as time goes by. Essentially the e-cigarette has a battery and a cartridge, with an atomizer to vaporize the liquid. The battery powers how many puffs you get out of the e-cigarette where the cartridge will take care of holding the liquid containing the flavor and any nicotine (if added). For all the details on the components and how they work together then take a look at The Insides of an e-Cigarette which gives you the technical details of how the vapor is produced. The first generation of e-cigarettes took care to look exactly like tobacco cigarettes, however the next generations become more confident and the designs are becoming quite creative.

How to get started with e-Cigarettes?

For safety only consider getting started with e-cigarettes if you already are a smoker and in good health. There are a few who try them without ever smoking tobacco, but then we would suggest only buy e-cigarettes that have zero nicotine. There is no need for them to create an unnecessary addiction and e-cigarettes can be enjoyed simply for the fun of mixing and enjoying the delicious flavors available. For more information on what to do to start off then take a look at Getting Started with e-Cigarettes.

Strengths of e-Cigarettes

The strength of the nicotine in the flavor is something that needs to be considered, especially if you are moving over from smoking tobacco. Too high and it will lead to discomfort, too low and you might end up compensating to catch up and we take this seriously and look responsibly at Choosing e-Liquid Strengths that will suit your level of smoking.

Disposable e-Cigarettes Reviewed

One of the simplest and cheapest way of trying out e-cigarettes for the first time is by trying out a fully assembled and loaded version that you can throw away after you have finished. These are called disposable e-cigarettes and are useful even if you have all the accessories you need because you never worry about losing them. You vape them and throw them. We review the best e-cigarette disposables and cover the main products that vapers love at this time, manufactured by ZigZag, Bull Smoke, V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke.

Starter Kits Reviewed

There are a number of starter kits we have reviewed here to help you put together all you need to vape successfully. Maybe you have already tried a disposable, or you are confident enough to invest more into what is available. Starter kits are a way of economically buying the number of accessories you might need to continue with smoking e-cigs or e-cigarettes. The starter kits have a number of flavors and strengths of the liquids or e-liquids, the types, styles and colors of the batteries and what charging facilities you might need. We have covered the best starter kits available in the industry at this time including V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, VaporFi™, Halo, South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

Full e-Cigarette Reviews

Once you start enjoying the benefits of vaping compared to tobacco cigarettes you will want to know more about what is out there to try. It does not matter if you started with a disposable from one company, or bought a starter kit from another, as you become more comfortable with being able to vape any time or place you wish then things get more interesting. There are many new things to try out before you settle down to your perfect choice. We studied, research and reviewed the most respected and loved manufacturers of e-cigarettes and reviewed them here for you. Take a look at what they offer and find which one fits your style and personality, and of course taste. We have covered in detailed extensive reviews the products, services, assistance of V2 Cigs, VaporFi™, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Bull Smoke, Cigavette, MadVapes, EverSmoke, White Cloud and Halo.

E-Cigarette Maintenance

The e-cigarette, though it looks simple, is a highly technical piece of equipment that does its job effectively as long as the components are all looked after. The cartridge, atomizer, mouthpiece, battery, charger and any other accessories are covered in the Proper Maintenance of e-Cigarettes page so you can keep them going without problems.

E-Cigarette Mods and Advanced Equipment

This is a section we expect to grow and become really interesting as we go forward reporting on the best of the e-cigarettes market. For holding the e-liquids there are now a number of tanks available and we look at them in our Best Vapour Tank Systems Review page. In our Advanced e-Cigarette Mods Review page we look at advanced personal vaporizers and mods, variable voltages, spinners, digital readouts and monitoring facilities. As the technology moves forward combined with the creativity of those vaping and manufacturing e-cigarettes we are likely to see some great new products appear.

Available e-Cigarette Flavors and Options

When vapers are more advanced a new opportunity becomes available to them and they rapidly become connoisseurs of the flavors open to them in the various e-liquids available. We do look at the most highly regarded ones in our Best E-Liquids Review page, and go into detail with the choices and options available with VaporFi™, Mount Baker Vapor, V2 Cigs and MadVapes. The choice of which flavor would be suitable for vapers is considered in Different Flavors for Different Tastes which covers the concentration and strengths of the flavors and ultimately blending. This is becoming an art in its own form and blending can be hugely satisfying for the discoverer of a new taste. Many companies are now spending a lot of time in researching new flavors and blending that may be the next vaping hit. There is a choice in the solution that creates the vapor and we look at Deciding on PG Vs. VG to see what may be the ideal choice to use with your flavors.

Saving Money on e-Cigarettes

Now the important bit of course, and the one area where we will make sure you get value. How to save money on getting disposables, starters kits and any accessories. One area that can save you a lot of money right from the start is by using the coupons that the manufacturers create for their customers. Some are special and can rarely (if at all) be found on any other site. We have coupon codes for V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, VaporFi™, Halo, South Beach Smoke, MadVapes, Bull Smoke, Vapor4life, Magic Mist and EverSmoke. We will be looking out for any news ones when they appear and of course see if we can beat them with any we can negotiate with the manufacturers of these e-cigarettes.